Marketable Innovation

Innovation is what our business thrives on. We most enjoy exploring new consumer product categories and developing the possibilities we find. We also develop products in mature categories that haven't seen recent innovation.

At Jenesis, our main focus is marketability to consumers. Throughout the years, we've gained much experience in determining the marketability of product lines, individual products, and product features. We can help you determine the next step in the course of developing your products to give you the market advantage.

If you have interest in developing new products, reengineering current products, or exploring market options within your field or product category, we would be glad to help. With over 30 years of experience, our engineers have the know-how to enhance your current product and resolve issues in a way that can make your product more attractive to customers.

Our specialties are electronic design, solving tough problems, and determining the best direction for new designs. We also have a good sense of aesthetics, which we combine with mechanical skills to produce complete consumer products. We regularly find IP opportunities in the course of our efforts. At present, we have 50 patents over our careers with 41 issued under Jenesis, 9 presently pending, and more on the way. The companies we work with range in size from start-up to $10 billion. We excel in product categories and niches under $100 million. We cherish new category work, but also find rich opportunities in mature categories that have not seen recent innovation. We have focused much of our speculative development and IP licensing on LED-based products, including nightlights, power failure lights, solar lights, and electronic candles of various types.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Solar powered decorative lighting
  • LED technology
  • Low frequency analog design
  • Audio frequency analog design
  • High frequency analog design
  • Digital design
  • ASIC specification & evaluation
  • Acoustic design issues
  • Powerline communication design
  • Digital & analog encoding & decoding
  • Power supply design
  • Programming (Basic, C++, assembly)
  • Patent evaluation & strategies
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Quality & return analysis
  • Business skills (financial analysis, product line strategy, marketing)
  • RF design
  • Optical design
  • Mechanical design / CAD (esp. Solidworks)
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Electronic design & analysis
  • Regulatory listings (UL, CSA, FCC[15], DOC, IC)
  • Product safety testing
  • EMC compliance testing